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The Best Moving Tips

Moving is hard if you're looking for the best way to pack and move like a pro we've got your covered! Our Harder Real Estate Team has moved a combined 40+ times, you don’t move that often without picking up a few tricks along the way. No gatekeeping here, we’re sharing all the best moving tips we’ve learnt to help make the moving process as easy as possible.

Stacks of cardboard moving boxes that say Harder real estate team  who has the best moving tips.

1. 🕰️ Don’t start packing until 2 weeks before Possession Day

We know it’s exciting to have waivers removed and know your home is sold but if possession is more than 2 weeks away we’d recommend waiting to start packing and instead use the time to de-clutter and get rid of items you no longer need and/or want

2. 🛒Collect supplies.

Get as many boxes as possible whether they’re free or from the store. It’s better to have too many than not enough. We also recommend some bubble wrap and/or packing paper to protect glassware and valuables. You can also use towels, linens, clothing, and blankets.

3. 🗒️ Create a system.

When packing it’s important to label EVERYTHING so that you can find stuff again. We like to label the top and side of the box with what room it’s from, and then write on the side some of the main items in the box. It can seem tedious in the moment but it makes unpacking and hunting down misplaced items much easier.

4. 🎄 Pack non-essentials first

When it’s time to start packing start with items that aren’t used often such as seasonal items, books, and home décor items.

*Put heavy items at the bottom of the box and fill the box completely. As you fill the box be mindful of the weight and consider putting pillows or blankets in otherwise heavy boxes to fill them up without adding additional weight.

5. 🍲 Use up food.

Start thinking about pantry, fridge, and freezer items and try to plan meals to use up as many items as possible.

6. 📦 Actively start packing

Pick a room and fully pack it. Put everything that can go in a box, into a box then tape it shut and label it. Don’t move onto the next room until the whole room is packed. We recommend packing the bathroom and kitchen last as those spaces will be used until move out day.

7. 🧳 Pack an Essentials Bag

Put toiletries, important documents, and a week’s worth of clothing in a suitcase. Pack a bag for every person (include electronics and chargers, children’s toys and stuffies, and other everyday necessities *cough, cough toilet paper)

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